H-5 Mandola tops and backs.  Click on image to see Mandola Gallery.
Exact cnc carving on F-5 scroll does nearly all the work.  Click on the image above to see Mandolin Gallery.

Christopher DBG Review/Demo
Steve Araujo at The Bass Hang

Bass Gear Magazine
Christopher DBG Review
July 2018
The Christopher Bass DBG is wonderfully innovative, but also makes so much sense. It absolutely delivers on its design goals – to offer the tone and feel of an upright in an “electric bass-sized” package – and it is flat-out enthralling to play. The tone, both amplified and acoustic, is as impressive as its looks. The quality of construction is at a very high level, and considering the amount of effort and hours that go into building an instrument like this, the price is extremely reasonable. This is an amazing instrument, from any angle.
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